Who we are

The Firm was founded in 1957 by Mr. Amos Morandi.
Currently the Firm is run by his son, Mr. Giulio Morandi, member of the Bars of Italian
Chartered Accountants (“Dottori Commercialisti”), Accountants Auditors (“Revisori Legali”) and Lawyers (“Avvocati”).

The Firm, together with the service companies Morandi S.r.l. and Fidcorev S.r.l., employs over 40 people.


Who we are


The focus on the single client and his needs has always been the key principle of our organization
and of the development of our Firm. There are no “standard services”. The client’s needs aretreated individually and, as such, they represent a source of inspiration for an increasingly advanced and integrated service.

Who we are


Our Firm is constantly looking for excellence both in the services provided to the client and in the
procedures and internal organization.
Our internal organization constantly checks and evaluates the various activities carried out to
ensure that they meet high quality standards.
Our scope of activity makes us aware that, in order to improve, we need to be open to any
constructive criticism and to take care of any suggestion, so as to increase the quality of our

Who we are


Taking responsibility for anyone own work, the identification in the organization and the
networking of the professional skills acquired in the different practice areas represent the basis for
the construction of our work team. The quality of our services comes from the collective effort of
anyone work to satisfy the clients’ needs.

Who we are


Over the years the Firm has created a sense of belonging: it is important for us to work in a
pleasant environment where people help and respect each other.

Who we are


The Firm believes in transparency, respect and fairness in personal and professional relationships.

Who we are


Our integrity and reputation are based on the respect and compliance with laws and regulations.
The Firm refrains from providing assistance and support for transactions that may involve the
Firm in illegal activities, and we consider as personal responsibility of each member of the
organization to know the laws, regulations and obligations related to his work.


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