In June 2021 Studio Morandi became a member of HLB INTERNATIONAL.


Who is HLB International?

HLB is a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms.
HLB is based in London and through the collaboration of its highly qualified membership, provides consulting and professional services in about 160 countries.
The network is based upon quality and like-minded membership, with a history of innovation, collaboration and driving business growth for members and their clients.
All members are locally established with deep roots in their local communities, but affiliation allows them to be closely connected with professionals across the world.

In 2020 HLB International has been named the “International Accounting network of the year”.

Studio Morandi & HLB - International Services

In an increasingly globalized world, it is essential to establish – even outside national borders – professional relationships based on the same principles of legality, integrity and transparency that have always driven Studio Morandi over time and that we have found in HLB.
Through the collaboration with the HLB’s members, as worldwide locally based professionals, we can properly meet our customers’ international needs for all our practice areas: tax compliance, corporate and legal services, accounting and payroll.
We combine local expertise and global capabilities to help our customers to achieve their goals.