Offices and Contacts


Office of:

Correggio (RE) Corso Mazzini n. 14-16
Telephone : 0522 637011
Fax: 0522631395

How to reach Correggio office

The office is located in Corso Mazzini n. 14-16, which is the main avenue across the historical
center of the town. If you use a satnav it is preferable to set as destination “Via Asioli, 3”.

Arriving from A1 (Bologna – Milan) highway :
Driving along the A1 (Bologna-Milan) highway towards Milan, follow the junction to the A22
(Modena-Brennero) highway – direction Brennero until you reach Carpi (MO) exit;
once you have exited at Carpi, follow the road signs to Correggio and take Strada Statale 468;
continue on Via Carpi through 3 roundabouts;
continue along Viale dei Mille through 1 roundabout;
at the second roundabout take the first exit and continue along Viale della Repubblica;
then take the first road on the right, Via Reggio; continue on Corso Mazzini.

Arriving from Reggio Emilia :
take the SS9 for Modena / Scandiano / Correggio;
take the first exit towards Correggio;
continue straight on SP468 / SP468r / Via Lenin;
at the roundabout, take the second exit towards Correggio / Rio Saliceto and continue on Via
continue until Correggio following the SP468 / SP468r;
at the first roundabout that you can meet nearby the town center, take the second exit and then
turn slightly right onto Viale della Repubblica, then continue;
at the roundabout turn left, continue;
take the first road on the right, Via Reggio;
continue on Corso Mazzini.

Parking lots

The parking in Corso Mazzini parking lots, located nearby the Firm, is regulated by a toll parking
meter, with the exception of the first half hour parking which is toll-free.
Therefore, for the first half hour of parking you can simply collect the ticket from the parking
meter and expose it onto the parked car.
At the beginning of Corso Mazzini, at the intersection with Via Asioli, you can also find an
underground toll parking lot containing more than 30 public places.
Furthermore, some of the parking spaces in the “private” part of the underground car park (with
no time limit) can be accessed by entering a special code in a numeric keypad to open the access
bars. Such code can be asked for to the Firm’s administration


Office of:

Reggio Emilia, Via Crispi n. 10
Telephone: 0522 637011
Fax: 0522 631395

How to reach Reggio Emilia office

The office is located in Via Crispi no. 10, on the 2nd floor number 4 of a building
located in front of Romolo Valli Municiapl Theatre.
Once in Reggio Emilia, follow the road signs for the city centre or for Theatre itself.

Parking lots

1. Public parking in Piazza Vallisneri, near the Hotel Astoria;
2. ACI parking in Via Nacchi;